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The best home training program without equipment. You will do 60 to 90 minutes of exercise 6 days a week

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What is


The P90X program is a popular, intense home training program aimed at improving fitness and building muscle. It was developed by famous trainer Tony Horton and released by Beachbody in 2005. The program consists of a combination of strength and endurance exercises, aerobic exercises, yoga exercises and biological exercises.

The P90X program lasts for 90 days, with the program divided into three main phases: basics, endurance, and extension. Each phase includes a variety of exercises designed to target different muscle groups and continuously stimulate the body.

The exercises in the P90X program include many techniques and tools such as body weight, free weights, speed resistance, jumping jacks, and yoga. The program also includes a specific diet aimed at enhancing exercise results and achieving better fitness goals.

The P90X program has been widely adopted by individuals seeking to improve their fitness and build muscle without having to go to the gym. However, individuals must be prepared for a high level of challenge and commitment to successfully complete the program and achieve the desired results.

P90X Requirements


You will need 6 simple, not expensive equipment's for the exercise, a list of equipments

Adjustable dumbbell - Resistance bands - Chin up bar - Push up stands - Yoga mat - Yoga block

Equipments from Amazon

The list of Equipments you need is prepared

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Choose Your Level

P90X Three Levels

Classic - Level1

It is the basic level that targets strength and general fitness through a variety of cardio exercises and exercises with heavy weights. Click here to view the training program

Double - Level2

This level involves an intense schedule that includes double training sessions per day, increasing the overall training volume for each week. Click here to view the training program

Lean - Level3

The last level focuses on burning fat and building long muscles, and includes a combination of cardio and strength exercises. Click here to view the training program

Workout Classes

Choose your workout

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Start your 90 day journey

Get ready for new challenges and amazing results with the P90X program to improve your fitness and build an amazing body

  • Exercise equipments

    You can order exercise equipment from Amazon. Or you can buy them from any sports store near you

  • Download the workout schedule

    Download the exercise schedule that suits you according to your physical fitness. Each schedule will continue for 90 days

  • Start exercising today

    P90X program enables you to start exercising directly without financial cost or commitment to going to the gym. Start now at home

  • Food

    Exercise alone will not make you reach the desired result. You should stick to healthy meals

Why P90X ?

Because it is considered a comprehensive training program that provides various exercises targeting physical fitness and building muscles effectively. The program provides ongoing challenges and intense training schedules that significantly help achieve your fitness goals, in addition to integrated support from professional trainers and online communities.


Exercise equipment is inexpensive and you can get it from any sports store

Increase fitness

Increasing fitness reduces excess fat, promotes muscle growth, and gives the body a defined and fit shape

Muscular strength

The benefits of muscle strength improve athletic performance, protect joints and bones, and enhance the ability to perform daily activities effectively and without excessive stress.

Flexible time and place

You can watch the workout from any device, including smartphones and smart TVs, giving users great flexibility in where and when they watch the workout and follow the program.